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Arcadia: Picspam

I decided to do another xf_is_love day.  I chose Arcadia, because it was one of my first episodes and I love it so much. I think the X-File is a great one and the Mulder/Scully interaction is just too good :)  It always cheers me up when I'm having a bad day.


Pretty Excited :)

I'm really needing to find a better layout for this. It would probably make me update more. I just haven't quite figured that out. Anyway, I'm super excited today!! I'm one of the new mods at duchovny_fans   along with cjspooks and mister_nounname 

If anyone isn't a member that loves David, they should join.  I'm hoping we can help make it active and fun :) 

If I really have to pick..

I really want to start keeping up with this thing better. Sometimes, it's just I don't have that much interesting to say. I was watching Requiem last night and as usual, it broke my heart :( Someday I will learn that Mulder doesn't hear me say that he needs to get away from the light. Quite often people ask me who my favorite X-Files character is, Mulder or Scully. I don't like splitting hairs but if I had to choose, it's Mulder hands down. I love David more than anything, and Mulder. Even things that frustrate me about Mulder, I still love a million other things. Mulder is what drew me to the show, along with the Mulder/Scully chemistry. Yesterday, I was on twitter and made the comment that Mulder-less X-Files is not X-Files to me and someone replied "Oh you're one of those fans." Damn proud of it too!! Don't get me wrong. I love alot of season 8, like Within, Without, Per Manum, This Is not Happening, DeadAlive, Three Words, Empedocles, Alone, Eseence and Existence. Then, Trust No 1 and the Truth in season 9 are such brillian episode but Mulder is my favorite and always will be. I am a Mulder fan before a Scully fan, and quite honestly a David fan before a Gillian fan. It's nothing against her, I like her but I don't love her like I love David. I love his humor, his loyalty to his family, his intelligence, his personality and it doesn't hurt that he's smoking hot. David is by far the one actor who I can watch Hank Moody and then watch Mulder, and never do I see the connection. That says true talent. I don't like the "expectation" that I'm supposed to love Scully as much as I love Mulder. I love her, but will always love Mulder more. Mulder and Scully together are my OTP but as far as separately Mulder is my fave and always will be. I much prefer Mulder and Scully together, then episodes that are just about one of them. I need that chemistry and wit to enjoy an episode.

Keep Me In Your Heart--Fanvid

I just finished a new Mulder/Scully video. Takes Place in the season 8-9 time period. Scully is missing Mulder terribly but at the same time can look back on their happy memories and look forward to seeing him someday, as well. I had to upload to Megavideo since youtube was evil. Click the cut for megavideo embedding.

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Real Life Sadness

Not really good about posting journal entries and to be honest, they confuse me at times still.  But, I'm feeling the need to put all my feelings right now somewhere so I hope people don't mind real life talk.

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Migraines and Sony Vegas

I'm using Sony Vegas 9.0 for the first time for my new MSR video and I'm getting quite used to the migraine that it brings.  At some point, in the next hundred years, I should have a video hopefully!


Still so sad over the Cali finale last night. I watched it for the fifth time and cried more than before. I know it's just a show but it broke my heart. I felt so bad for everyone involved and as I continue to torture myself with Rocket Man, it just makes me even more sad. Nine Months is far too long to have to wait for a new season! That is even more depressing. I don't even think I'm forming coherent thoughts yet on the finale. It's still so devastating for me. This is the same reaction that I had to Requiem, and still do. This post is definitely more emo than normally for me, but I feel so broken. I thought the fact that I still have 2-3 seasons of XF eps would help, but no I just want to see if Hank will be okay :(

Requiem PicSpam

I was trying to think of something to do for my Pic of the Day thread on Haven yesterday, and remembered how much I love Requiem. So, I thought, hmm never have done a picspam before, how hard can it be? Well 11 hours later, I finally finished it. Feedback is appreciated.

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Been A while

Haven't wrote an actual journal in a while. Work's been crazy busy. I've been working alot. Looks like things may finally start calming down some soon. I'm thinking about doing some iconing today. I can't wait for David to co-host Regis and Kelly next Friday. Already have that set on the DVR. Wish there was more going on in my world but sadly no.