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Puckleberry One Shot- Rated T

Title: You're better than that
Rating: T (It's Puck so fluent swearing)
Summary:  Rachel decides to confront Puck about his lack of goals in his life, but he has his own issues with the choices she's making in hers.
Spoilers: The Spanish Teacher, Heart
Author's Note: First Puckleberry Fic ever so be gentle. Written for itsstephyybitch

He had been in a funk of sorts these past few daysCollapse )


Oh yeah, I have a LJ

 I really need to get on here and update more.  I just always forget to do that and admit to getting sucked into tumblr but I'm going to attempt to go through my F-List now.


I saw the other new promo before Weeds that is all the new comedies including, Californication. So, I uploaded it.

I now have Showtime again

Broke down and ordered Showtime a few months early.  My motivation:  Californication promos.  I do enjoy Weeds and have been wanting to check out the Big C, so that's a good reason too.  Just have to figure out how to break it to the husband.

September 26th, YOU SUCK!

I think when I get off work, I am going to watch Californication until my head explodes.  I’m dangerously in need of the show that SHOULD be premiering tonight if showtime had not rearranged it all.  So, what should have been a fun night, is now a reminder of the fact that I have another 3 1/2 months to wait.

And, if you think I’m watching Dexter, I would rather die.  Never have liked the show, but like it even less now that it’s back and Californication is not until January 9th.  So, Showtime can suck it until then.  I have no interest in it. I’ll keep watching Weeds via download but nothing that did not get pushed back.  I think my anger over this situation is higher than it’s been since I found out, and that’s because tonight was the would be night.

People who say the show has no depth can suck it, too. Anyone who has seen the season 3 finale can’t say that. The show has emotion, depth, heartbreak, all of the above. I am proud to call it my favorite show and I don’t really care if some people are just too stupid to see what a good show it is. One thing I will give those Showtime assholes is the fact that they are using it as a lead-in for their new comedies.  So, that shows the network believes in it. I also don’t think that season 3 was its weakest, like some people do.  I thought it was great.  I look forward to the new season, even if it is still months off.  I spewed my hate all over twitter over it this morning, and still feel the same way but don’t feel like spewing it here now.  So, I’ll just continue to wait because I know it will be worth it…

Happy 17th Birthday to the X-Files

I had intended to get this posted much earlier in the day, but it took most of the day.  I wanted to look via picspam at the X-Files through the years in celebration of their 17th Birthday.  Though the show was about the X-Files and not just Mulder and Scully, they were what drew people week after week.  Whether it was to see what they were investigating next, what the Syndicate, Krycek, and the Smoking Man were up to now, or just to see the growth in Mulder and Scully’s relationship, they were the center of what has become an iconic, irreplaceable show.  I believe in a third X-Files movie.

A look through the years...Collapse )


So, in July I got really angry over Californication not being back until January.

So, in August, I tried to accept it and tried to be content and appreciate fucking Showtime’s need to use it for their new lead-in show.

So, in September, I am failing miserably. I know there’s more to life than tv. I know that I get Glee, Bones, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, some new shows, etc. back but I just can’t find the motivation to give a damn! This was supposed to be my month to giggle like a fangirl at David on various talk shows. It was to be my month that I was supposed to get my show back. It was to be my month that I see what happened after that heinous cliffhanger last December. Now, I am just pissed, angry, and just so sad. I want Californication back now!! It’s the only show I want to see more than anything and there is no way I am remotely watching Dexter this season. I can’t watch a show that got to come back when Californication didn’t. Fuck showtime! I am seriously pissed today over this. Rocket Man came on the ipod and I turned it off because it just made me mad. Am I overreacting? probably. But this sucks and I am tired of trying to pretend that I will get used to it. I won’t get used to it. No matter what show comes back, I will not just think oh, It will go fast. No, it wont and it fucking sucks!!

Happy Birthday David Duchovny

Wanted to find a way to express how much I love David Duchovny on his 50th birthday, today.  Was hoping to have this posted but I wanted to express my David love today.  I haven’t loved David as long as some fans, but in the nearly two years I have, he has captivated my heart.  So Happy Birthday, David Duchovny.

Click for Reasons I Love David..Collapse )

Paps bug me...The End!

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the paps.  I hate how stalkerish they are, but have to admit that I can't help but look because well, I love David Duchovny and can't resist.  I found myself getting really annoyed that they just assume that the child he was with was his soon. If they're going to stock the man, they should at least get their facts right.  This is not Miller! 

This is not Miller, or as they labeled him, KydCollapse )